I'm on a Business package, what happens if I exceed my connection, channel or message limits?

For business accounts: 

If you exceed your connection, channel or message limit, we will do the following:

  1. You will receive an email notification when you are nearing one of your limits
  2. When you exceed any of your limits, we will get in touch to remind you that you will start incurring charges for any message, connection and channel overages.  To understand what charges you incur when you exceed your quota, please see our article on overages and any associated charges. When you exceed your limits, we highly recommend that you consider upgrading your account as it is always more cost effective to pay for connections and messages in advance as part of your subscription package


If you exceed your pre-paid quota of messages, connections or channels etc. we will never simply upgrade, disable or degrade your Ably realtime service. Instead, we will always get in touch with you so that you have time to review your options. 


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