How can I trigger a Microsoft Azure Function when a message is published on a channel?

Once you've set up your Microsoft Azure Function, it's easy to get Reactor Functions to start triggering it.


1. Ensure your Azure Function is configured correctly

Make sure that you've set the trigger for your function to be HTTP, and set up the code in the Function to react when triggered.


2. Go to the Ably site, and visit your dashboard


3. Click on the Integrations tab and click "New Reactor Rule"

4. Click through "Reactor Event", then "Azure Functions" to get to the configuration page


5. Configure your Reactor Function

Ensure you include the correct details of your Azure Function. You can easily check the Azure App ID and Function Name from the Azure Function. If you haven't set your Azure Function's authorization level to anonymous, ensure to include the generated numbers on the end of the Function's name.


For more details on the impact of the other settings, such as envelopes, look here.


6. Publish an event through Ably!

Your Reactor Function should be ready to trigger when messages are sent on the channels it's listening to. Give it a try, and hopefully your Google Function will receive a request! If you're facing issues when trying this, take a look at this article on how to debug a Reactor Function.


7. Further help

If you want a detailed guide through making your first application with Azure Functions and Ably Reactor Functions, check out our tutorials.

Should you need any additional guidance, please reach out on our support portal and we will be happy to assist you.