Can I modify my current Self-Service plan?

The PAYG plan is a replacement of the legacy ‘Self-Service’ plan and is made available to all Ably account holders. Key benefits include:

  • No need to calculate a package size upfront
  • Pay at the end of the month after your account usage (messages, channels, and connections)
  • No “overage” penalty charges - just pay for what you use
  • Higher rate limits giving you freedom to grow
  • Access to Kafka, AWS Kinesis, RabbitMQ

Because we are retiring the ‘Self-Service’ account plan, no further changes can be made to any existing self-service plans. Any increases/decreases to the capacity you require are best accommodated by migrating to the new PAYG plan - as you simply pay for what you use and are charged for usage at the end of the month.

If you have concerns about migrating to PAYG, please get in touch. We would be happy to talk through your plan in more detail.