Can you help ease the pain of migration from another Data Stream Network?

Yes, we certainly can help you migrate over to Ably and have done many times for other customers.  Every month we have a number of customers migrating over from our competitors (such as PubNub and Pusher) because of our honest flexible pricing, our rich feature set, our connection state recovery and our message delivery guarantees.


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In order to facilitate a simple risk-free migration to Ably, we provide a protocol adapter service that runs within our cloud service that allows customers to use existing protocols and client libraries and migrate across to Ably client libraries over time, when appropriate.  Protocol adapters ensure that any number of protocols can be mixed yet are interoperable.  For example, a customer may wish to publish sensor data from an MQTT device to Ably, subscribe to that information and display in a dashboard using a Pusher client library, support mobile apps using Ably client libraries, and even process that data using a worker queue over AMQP.  Ably makes this possible through our protocol adapters that offered as part of the global Ably platform.


Our focus presently is on supporting the following protocols:


How long does it take to migrate from a competitor?


Unfortunately this question is never simple to answer, but we have found customers moving from Pusher and Pubnub to Ably have migrated in anything from a few hours (using our adapters) to a week.  Depending on your migration strategy, such as whether you wish use the protocol adapters and continue to use your existing client libraries, or instead opt to use our fully featured high quality of service client libraries, the time it takes will vary.  


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The protocol adapters sound too good to be true, do you have more information?


Sure, take a look at the Protocol Adapters home page, and also have a read of "What are Ably protocol adapters and how do they work?". We have a number of very happy customers using them.


What next?

If you are interested in migrating across to Ably and using our protocol adapters, then have a look at:



If you simply want to migrate over to Ably and use our native client libraries, then we suggest you simply sign up for a free account and have a look at our Quickstart guide.


If you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch