Ably Datadog integration

The Ably Datadog integration allows for increased visibility into your Ably application performance alongside your other key metrics. You can connect your Ably and Datadog accounts following the steps outlined below.

How does the Ably Datadog integration work?

This enterprise-only integration provides realtime statistics from Ably to Datadog so that you can monitor metrics like messages, channels, and connections in use. Ably statistics are streamed to Datadog every 60-seconds. Please follow this link for the Datadog Docs on this. 

Setup the Datadog integration:

  1. In Datadog, go to “Integrations”, select the Ably tile and click “Install Integration”.
  2. Click “Connect Accounts” to begin authorization of this integration. You will be redirected to Ably.
  3. Login to Ably.
  4. Select an application from the “Your apps” page. 
  5. Navigate to the “Integrations” menu in the Ably dashboard. 
  6. Select “Connect to Datadog” 
  7. In Datadog, authorize (OAuth) to allow Ably to access your Datadog account. Authorization scopes are: 
    • Api_keys_write
  8. Back in your Ably dashboard, you should see a banner message confirming the integration is successful along with a button to click out to “See dashboard” to see your dashboard list in Datadog.

Troubleshooting integration states

It is possible that the integration is not set-up successfully. If you are not connected you will see one of the messages displayed: 

  • Connecting:
    If your connection remains in the “connecting” state it is possible that your connection was interrupted. If this persists, contact Ably support. 
  • Connection failed: 
    If this persists, contact Ably support.
  • An API key with this name already exists:
    If the API key is already stored in Datadog you will need to remove the existing API from your Datadog account.
  • Forbidden and Failed permission authorization checks:
    The Datadog user enabling the integration does not have the relevant permissions. Datadog users with the Admin role will be able to setup the integration successfully.

Viewing your dashboard in Datadog 

Click on “See Dashboard” to be redirected to Datadog and begin seeing the data stream from Ably to Datadog. Again, data is pushed every minute. 

Removing or revoking access 

Datadog users who have enabled the Ably integration will have a default Ably dashboard available. At any point, you can revoke Ably access to your Datadog account or change the scope you granted. 

  1. Navigate to the integrations menu in the Ably dashboard. 
  2. Click the “Remove” button next to the “Datadog Integration”. 

Search for the integration name on the API Keys page to ensure that all API keys associated with this integration have been disabled. Once a Datadog integration has been uninstalled, any previous authorizations are revoked.