Do you support dedicated or isolated clusters?




As part of our Committed Use package, we are able to offer customers dedicated clusters that are either partially or completely isolated from Ably's global cluster.  Customers who require isolation from our global cluster for security, governance or guaranteed capacity reasons are able to run the Ably platform on their own EC2 dedicated environments. 


The levels of isolation Ably can offer, in increasing order of isolation, are:

  • Dedicated realtime and routing servers, but shared database cluster and common services (such as stats, logging, registries, configuration)
  • Dedicated realtime and routing servers, dedicated database cluster and shared common services
  • Dedicated realtime and routing servers, dedicated database and common services


Ably can run a dedicated cluster on behalf of our customers, or if required, directly on instances provided to us by our customers using their Amazon EC2 account.


A dedicated set of endpoints are assigned to your cluster such as and  Additionally,we can support CNAMEs using your own custom root domain.

Please bear in mind the following constraints at present:
  • We only support Amazon EC2 environments (within Virtual Private Networks)
  • Ably is responsible for pro-actively managing and updating dedicated clusters
  • Dedicated clusters can run in one or more regions of your choosing
If you would like to find out more about our dedicated cluster offering, please get in touch.