Do you support MQTT? Are you protocol agnostic?

Yes and yes.  Take a look at our Protocol Adapters to find out more about how we support multiple protocols with the Ably platform.


At Ably we have designed our own set of protocols that allow us to deliver unparalleled service continuity guarantees. This would not be possible without tight integration of the protocol, our platform and our infrastructure.


However, we recognise that there are many valid use cases where other protocols are more suitable for the use case.  As such, we provide a protocol adaptor service that runs on our servers that allows customers to use the right protocol for their use case, yet still benefit from robust service Ably can provide.  Protocol adaptors ensure that any number of protocols can be mixed yet are interoperable.  For example, you could publish sensor data using MQTT, yet subscribe to this info reliably in your mobile apps using Ably client libraries.


We support the following protocols:


If you are interested in using our protocol adaptors to assist with migration from another service, or would like to use another protocol not listed here with Ably, then please get in touch.