Error code: 61002 - Activation failed: Present clientId is not compatible with existing device registration

This happens when you have previously activated the device for push notification with a clientId, but you changed the clientId that you are authenticating with - hence the error. Roughly speaking there is a mismatch between present clientId and the one saved for push. Push keeps track of clientId (and other details) on its own and validates them to prevent you from mistakenly changing the clientId between app launches. This is because clientIds are quite coupled with registrations, e.g. in the case of subscribing by clientId.

If you really want to change your client’s clientId, you should deactivate and reactivate your device. This is because internally we will call device.reset(); and won’t validate the old device details once you do that.

If you require any further help then please reach out to us by going to our support portal and we will be happy to help you.