I've hit an hourly apiRequests limit, what does this mean?

This means you've sent enough API Requests within the last hour (which is calculated from :00 - :00 e.g. 8:00- 9:00) to surpass your limit or hit a warning.  API requests are all REST API requests excluding token requests.


There are three types of apiRequest limit you can hit

  • apiRequests.hourly.warning - when you reach 80% of your quota.
  • apiRequests.hourly.soft - when your quota has been exceeded.
  • apiRequests.hourly.hard - when the hard limit on the account has been exceeded. You will now be blocked from sending API requests until the end of the hour.


If you need the ability to send more API Requests, we recommend you upgrade your account by increasing your monthly message quota from which API limits derive