Payment failed for customers in India

India’s banking regulator has made changes to recurring payments on credit cards which cause payments to fail

India’s banking regulator has made some changes effective from October 2021 to using recurring payments on credit cards which can cause payments for customers in India to fail.

This means that customers in India will now need to use e-mandates to set recurring payments up, which is something that Ably's payment provider (Stripe) supports.

In order to resolve this you will need to:

1- Ensure that your chosen payment method supports recurrent automatic payments (please contact your bank or card issuer for this)

2- Re-enter your payment details on your Ably account, via your account dashboard.


If you are still experiencing problems after the above, please follow the additional steps below, as it may be necessary to sign up for your package again so that the new security requirements are checked at the time and the e-mandate is effective.

For this, please follow the below steps:

- log into the Ably account as the account owner 

- go to 'upgrade my package'

- select the same package that you currently have

- go through the complete signing up process, with the new card, where the bank will carry out the new security requirements

Once you have completed this, the payment should be successfully set up again and payments should go through without issues moving forward.


Please get in touch if you need any help, we'll happily do what we can to get you up and running in no time.