Can I see a list of all limits I have previously neared or hit in my account?

Yes, this is possible.  When you near or reach your quota, or hit a hard limit on your account, you will be sent an email notification.  In addition, these notifications are logged in your account and are accessible via your dashboard.  


If you would like to understand what limits exist for your account, please refer to our account limits documentation.


If you would like to view any limits you have already neared or hit, please follow these steps:


1. Login

Click the login link in the top right of the header navigation



to open up the login dialog box and choose your login method

2. Click the limits link in your account navigation 


3. Click on "view recent limits notifications" under "Detailed quota and account-wide limits"


4. Review limit notifications that you may have previously received 

Note: The most recent notifications are shown first

Note: The above screenshots are for reference only, and the pricing on them may not reflect your specific package. They have been provided for the purpose of showing what your dashboard may look like


Further reading:

If you need any further help, please reach out on our support portal and we will be happy to help you.