Is it easy to migrate from PubNub to Ably?

Yes, it's incredibly easy. We have a PubNub protocol adaptor that allows customers who are migrating from PubNub to use the PubNub client libraries directly with our service. See article: Using the Ably Pubnub protocol adaptor.

For example, a typical migration from PubNub to Ably goes as follows:

  • Initially a customer will simply change the host name for all of their PubNub client library integrations to use our endpoints.
  • A customer will then migrate one app at a time over to our Ably client libraries that provides access to all of our features.  At this stage, some of the customer's apps will be using PubNub client libraries and others will be using Ably's client libraries. However, as we are translating the PubNub protocol, there is no interruption and interoperability between both protocols is provided by Ably.
  • Customer will finally migrate all their apps and servers to use the Ably client libraries and will terminate their old contracts.

If you are interested in migrating from PubNub and want to use our protocol adaptors, please get in touch.

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