How do I migrate my Self-Service account to a Pay-As-You-Go package?

If you are the account owner of a Self-Service package, then you can easily migrate your account to a Pay-as-you-go account from within your account dashboard.  If you are not the account owner, you will not be able to make changes to your account.  Please contact the account owner or transfer ownership.

As the account owner, follow these steps:

1. Login

Login to your account.

2. Click “Billing” from the main menu

You should now see a table detailing all the different packages - with your current package highlighted. 

Note: If this section does not show up in your menu, then you are not the assigned account owner. Find out how to see who the account owner is and contact them to perform the upgrade, or transfer ownership to you.

3. Click the “Migrate” button in the table

You will be taken to a summary page detailing the benefits of pay-as-you-go and the estimated monthly cost based on the last 3 months of your most recent usage.

If you are happy to continue, we can begin the migration process.

4. Continue to next step

You will now be prompted to confirm your payment details and provided a final opportunity to review the package details

5. Confirm your migration request

You will continue to use your prepaid quota until the end of the month and start enjoying the PAYG benefits from the 1st of next month. Once migration of your account is complete all invoices will be created and sent to you at the end of each calendar month - detailing usage during that month. If no overages have occurred (during last month your Self-Service package was active) then you’ll be sent your first invoice at the end of the following month.

If overages occurred during your last month as a prepaid self-serve customer, you will receive an invoice for at the end of the month. Rest assured you can view usage at any time by logging in to your account and selecting ‘usage’ from the dashboard menu.

Please note, changes to your existing self service package can no longer be made. If you are looking for new quotas (messages, channels, connections) you will need to switch to the PAYG plan. 

You can choose to migrate, anytime until 31st October 2023. From 1st November 2023 your account will automatically switch to the new PAYG plan and pricing.