What is PAYG?

PAYG pricing is now available on your Ably account 🎉.

We are always looking at ways to make the Ably platform as simple to use as possible. We received feedback from customers that anticipating monthly usage in advance was difficult. So, starting in November 2022 a new pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing plan has become available. Key benefits include:

  • No need to calculate a package size upfront
  • Pay at the end of the month after your account usage (messages, channels, and connections)
  • No “overage” penalty charges - just pay for what you use
  • Higher rate limits giving you freedom to grow


For instructions on how to upgrade to PAYG from a free package, please see this article: https://faqs.ably.com/how-do-i-upgrade-or-downgrade-my-package


For instructions on how to migrate to PAYG from a Self Service package, please see this article: https://faqs.ably.com/migrate-to-payg-from-self-service